Wednesday, February 4, 2009
alum ku memakai jubah itam. ALUM EYH.
family fun day was over and they decided to make it a yearly event, so we know what's comin ahead next year for the family. and next year mesti tah ku contribute membayar jua since i'm gonna be working by then, insyaAllah. =)

on another note, im going back to KL in 17 days. one side of me is feeling anxious and excited to go back, see my frens and back to uni life. and another side, sad sad sad. the fact that i've been in brunei for almost 3 months is killing me to leave my family n loved ones again. i'll miss sending n fetching my dear sister to and fro school. i'll miss having unconditional lame jokes with my brother. i'll miss having friday and sunday breakfast with the family. i'll surely miss the hangout sessions in riverview with the besties and most of all, i'll miss the boyfriend taking me out for dinner, casual outings and movies. =( *sigh* but to think of it, i can't be greedy. at least i get to get home for every semester break that i have. which is like 3 times a year? unlike some of them yang di UK, OZ and NZ atu. lagitah kesian. jarang2 kan balek brunei, ane mua ku saja d brunei ane. sampai kadang2 some of my cousins thought aku grad sudah. bila jua ku memakai baju jubah itam atu? ALUM EYH.

bah no mood ne no mood. i think im hungry so i'll go and find something to eat now.
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Wednesday, January 14, 2009
terkenang zaman tudung luncit

aku rinduuuuu skulahhhhh!!! especially ugama. huhu. syidah started her ugama school this year, kira tarus darjah satu lah, yatah when i sent her off to ugama yesterday which is still d tempat ugama ku dulu, tekanang tah ku kan masa2 ugama ku dulu masa tudung luncit d dapan lakat. sama zaman2 kami bekelayi pasal MUFC rules sama LFC sucks. nyahahahaha cali eyh dulu atu.

anyways, the reason jua kenapa ku ingat ane pasal when i was looking for my physics notes yang grah (syg's sis) kan minjam, tejumpa tia ku buku ane yg femes brabis masa dulu. namanya BUKU BIODATA. hahahahahahahaha. kalau dulu bah, nada tinggal ne buku biodata2 ane, semua urg kan tedapat. with designs lah, sticker lah, ada yg begambar lagi tu. kira mesti rugged lah page nya atu. haha. so yeah, looking through its pages n all it kinda remind me how lame we were when we were kids. haha. u need examples? =)

"my ex-bestfriend: si anu bin c anu."

"my enemy: secret! ia skulah d stpri!"

"my secret crush: c pulan bin c pulin"

steady jua sudah tu mun tulisnya ex-bestfriend sama my enemy atu. hahahaha. and padahal yg membuat my secret crush atu urg beboipren tapi maseh jua ada category scret crush atu. hahahaha inda ku paham. siapa tu nahhhhhhh?? =p

hahahahaha ada boyfriend jua, ada admire jua? =x

'The' Book (mesti buku lawa2 tu)

the colourful pages~

walaupun lame kah, cali kah, kiddish kah. nevertheless, its still a valuable memory to me. =) without it, i would forget who i used to be close with and who were the friends i hangout and quarrel with. some friends i dont get in contact with anymore, i hope they're doing just fine out there and mun tejumpa baiktah tagur2. hehe. aaaaa i just miss school times~

bah mandi ku dulu. hehehe.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2009
my first 2009 post

omaigad. i can't believe batah sudah ku nda blogging. its been 4 months. *sigh* nothing new really but let me just start by updating myself. hehe. 1st thing in mind, im just excited for the omar-aminah family day this 25th jan which will be held at the place of yours truly, hehe. and on that note, kami semua buat family baju for that event nanti. that includes me, abang, syidah, babu n bapa. i even designed a logo for the family. steady kan? nya c abang, dpt sudah kami create team futsal. haha. u guys wanna see?? i dont think soooooooooo.. haha tunggu tah nanti masa family day atu, i'll post pics. =)

i also bought myself a new phone, LG KF300. =) since my old nokia 6280 rusak. antah apakah rusaknya. i formatted oredy tapi camera nya maseh jua nda mau so malastah ku mikir lg. im bored with nokia functions n stuff so i decided to change to sumthing new, tapi kapai2 plg lakat blajar functions LG ane. but ok lah.

i chose the wine red colour. (walaupun namanya wine red but dapan2 mcm dark purple, which is one of the reasons why i bought it. hehehe.)

apparently setelah lama ku d brunei ane, my weight is approaching to 47 kg!! sakit kepala ku eyh makan saja ah. last 2 nytes, i went to play badminton (nada yoga pun badminton jaditah!) arah dewan bomba d berakas with syg, btc's sama brothernya n the gf. ketara jua bah batah nda sports atu, abis sangal belakangku sama tangan kanan ku until now. hahaha. but nda apalah, at least it was fun and healthy. =) tapinya lapas abis main atu, ke pasar mlm jua ku membali burgerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. hahahahaha. oh watever.

im bored and i have nothing to do.

*batah jua family day ane eyh* huhuhu.
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Tuesday, September 2, 2008
my sungkai today was...

TADAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!! my home made buttermilk chicken.. it was my first try to cook it and amazingly (esseh..haha) it was a success! hehe.. i was actually worried kalau telampau manis kah apa since i can't taste it psl puasa.. but alhamdulillah baik jua menjadi.. so yeahh kudos to myself! at least i've overcome one of my cravings since dsini ane nada bejual buttermilk chicken ane.. padahal SANANG memasak.. hahaha sudah atuuu aku ahhh.. =p the recipe? adatah tuuuu.. huhuhuhu..

anyways, today i had my journalism 213 print media reporting class.. its a 4-hour class so usually every week we'll discuss issues and politics around the world.. and today randomly my lecturer asked me about political issues in brunei, and that was the part when i got speechless.. haha.. well i did mention about brunei being a sole government and then it came up to me that brunei never had political issues, well maybe ada but RARE or is it just us bruneians nda tau about the country's political issues? oh well, you don't always believe what you read in the paper.. right?

i have another submission tumoro so im gonna work on the assignment now. will update soon..
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Monday, September 1, 2008
im currently addicted to...

cinta ini membunuhku by D'Masiv.. this song is gonna be on the repeat mode in my iTunes for a week! hehehe..

anyways,its first day of puasa here, its nothing much of a difference since im in 'hols' for puasa-ing.. hehe.. but me, nissa n rina are planning to go to Alamanda later for food shopping and dorang tarus sungkai sana, oh and c booboo taught me how to cook BUTTERMILK CHICKEN sudahhh so im gonna buy the ingredients later and overcome my cravingssss.. hehe.. ia pulang mengajar memasak ne.. hahaha thanks b! =)

p.s. b, lain kali bnyk2 lg blajar memasak mknn favourite2 atu skali u tell me the ingredients so i can cook here ok? hehe..
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Sunday, August 31, 2008
selamat menyambut kedatangan bulan Ramadhan 1429
Assalamualaikum all. first of all i would like to say happy fasting to all muslim readers of naa in a nut shell. unlike brunei, we in malaysia will be starting our fasting month tumoro 1st sept 2008. so to friends and families yg d brunei atu dapat lg mkn isuk apa yg kamu taisliur atu.. hehehe.. as for us, malam ane urg start terawih tah ne and start tah kami sahur ne krg suboh..

anyways, long weekend this week pasal tumoro public holiday for malaysia's merdeka and also first day of puasa. hmm today hasn't been very fruitful.. i tried to do my work this afternoon but my brain was drawing a big blank so i decided to stop and watch armageddon instead. atu boring bnr tah ku sudah tu. i think i've been watching armageddon up to 5 times already this month. sad, i know. but for sure im gonna do my work tonyte, stacking up assignments are just bunch of nuisances.

i got a call from bapa this morning saying that the family will have a bbq di kilanas. saspen jua tu. hahaha. i know they're just trying to make me jealous.. but inda apa, less food ertinya less risk of having my baju raya altered. hahahaha. but besides the food, i do miss the family gatherings and the random jokes we always have during the gatherings.. *sigh* oh and speaking of family, abg din (jester) made an effort to create a blog for hj omar and hjh aminah family.. hehe so kudos on that.. at least kalau ada family events kah apa, tau jua cucu2 yg merantau d luar negeri ane kan.. hehe..

on another note, my laptop has recovered from a serious injury last week. i had to re-format it in Low Yat and it cost me rm80 which is quite expensive compared to the formatting price charge back in brunei. but owells~ i had to do it mun inda hari2 ku balek pkl 7 mlm dari uni. huhu. actually im thinking of getting a new laptop for myself, maybe end of this year.. BUT without my parents financial support. hehe.. so i guess i'll have to work for the upcoming semester break in november and get me self me new laptop! hohoho..

i'm cooking dinner now so i'll update again soon.. and lastly selamat berpuasa to all friends and families wherever they are.. semoga semua amalan kita di bulan yang mulia ini d berkati oleh Allah S.W.T. Amin...
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Wednesday, August 27, 2008
im back im backkkk
assalamualaikum readers. esp cuzen2 ku yg menrindui diriku yg banyak men-tag atu. haha. inda lagi te-update bah sebatah dsini ah.. been really busy with school stuffs. biasalah awal semester, atu ane lah kan di bayar apa.. but alhamdulillah everything is settled now.. so from now on get used to my random ramblings AGAIN. *evil laugh*

where should i start? ahhhh.. kan congratulate c achum bee aye dulu pasal ia d UK sudah masane.. hehe.. nada tah lagi urg memarahi c faiz sama c akeel ne drumah.. mun ganya iring nya atu bah, nya faiz malas ku ingau. hahahaha..

anywaysss.. LAPTOP KU BE-VIRUS sampai none of the applications are accessible!! so apparently bcos of that, i spent more time in uni now doing my assignments using the uni's pc. but im bringing my laptop to Low Yat this saturday to get it re-format, but thanks to Nissa for lending me her macbook pro while she's away to Langkawi.. hehe.. 4 hari pulang ganya starting yesterday, tapi lumayan buat gw bikin tugas.. thanks cha! =)

oh and my cousin rina is suffering from some kind of rashes.. thought it was chicken pox but the doctor said bukan.. *phew* hahaha masalahnya aku ane bah alum pernah ada chicken pox.. apatah pedahnya mun ku tekana chicken pox jua.. bida ku beraya tu nanti.. hahaha jauhhhh palissss.. and as u all should be aware, puasa is approaching next week so to every muslim out there, i say selamat menyambut bulan ramadhan n jgn ponteng2 puasa.. hehe..

im off to eat dinner now with some friends d bawah. will update soon lagi.
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